August 22, 2008

Neat Kid

Somehow I have a fastidious kid. He exclaims loudly when he sees dirt on the ground and doesn't like to get his hands dirty, even during art-time. He stares at his hands every once in a while and if he notices some paint on his hands, he will try to rub the paint off with his other palm. If he can't remove the paint from his fingers, he will wave his hands towards me and say, 'Arrr', to request for my help to clean it off. I actually have problems getting him to do finger painting and I can never convince him to put on the art smock.

I can't quite fathom how he learn that, as he is always given the liberty to be messy during meal times or art-time. Well, I just might have a 'neat freak' in the making. This neat trait certainly does not come from his dad's side.

I am beginning to hear more words from him, some words barely discernable. Mostly one syllabus words, which is already an improvement from his familiar grunts. Whenever he tries to grunt to ask for something, I always respond with, 'Say that in words,' and he will attempt to say the word of the item. Even if the word sounded wrong, there will be no discouragement through any form of direct correction of the word, instead, I will reply with, 'Ok, here is the cup with the juice.'

I have also started to give him more choices, from selecting the dvd that he can watch during lunch time, to the snack he can have during tea time. Also I make a point to respect his need for independence. It is heartening to see him happy and well-adjusted, as I hardly see any characteristics of the temper-throwing
'terrible twos'. Being at home and spending time with him really does make that difference.

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