August 6, 2008

I know I am a parent when...

(Try not to read any further if you get disgusted just by reading about bowel movements...)

I get obsessed about when my kid will pass motion. It is really common lately to hear me ask my helper, 'Was it only yesterday he p.s.?' 'Did he manage to p.s. in the afternoon (usually asked when I am out for the afternoon). Or more matter of fact kind of way, 'Great, he p.s. today, so can sleep well tonight,' or 'Good to eat this fruit so that he can get more roughage to p.s....' etc. The ultimate when I was at class one evening (it was already 3 days since Kyle p.s.), I received this sms from Keith in the middle of my lesson, 'The shxx has arrived.'

I can't help but being so hung up about Kyle's bowel movement. Since he is so active all the time, he has difficulty concentrating to p.s. Often after two days of no bowel movement, he will wake up with a stomachache and have problems sleeping well that night.

Probably will have to wait for a couple more months before he starts to show signs of readiness to be potty trained. Here's how he is like when he is managing his bowel movement.

No, this is not some photo that I conveniently took of Kyle when he was taking a nap. He does get into some strange positions at times.

Ok...enough of toilet talk.

Kyle visited Botanic Gardens for the first time on Monday morning. Not too proud to say that this is Kyle's first visit to a park of any sort, since I don't quite fancy getting all hot and sweaty.

This little boy seem to love the outdoors, so looks it will be more visits to Botanic Gardens in the very near future then.

This is also the first time that he got up close with turtles in a 'natural' man-made habitat.

Do-Re-Mi, three turtles in a row


Mockingbird said...

My son Shawn had a strange habit when up till he was around 3+. Usually by then, some kids have already been weaned off the diaper. But my son refused to shit without his pampers on :p

When we told him to take his pampers first before shitting, he would throw tantrums :p

Rachel said...

mockingbird - some child development books advise that no point potty train a kid until 2 plus. Every single kid got his own time-table, so I am also not planning to stress him up in this area.