August 3, 2008

Blogs; the modern intepretation of voyeurism?

Why do I spend some days browsing through other people's blog to read about what goes on in their lives? I am just one of the many voyeurs (in the non-sexual sense) out there who are interested to watch what goes on in other people's lives through their blogs. Blogs do appeal to the voyeuristic nature of humans to peek into the lives of others; to relish in the drama of life, anticipate the developments and snigger at their misadventures.

For those who might be familiar with S'pore's blogging scene, it may be exciting to watch the spat that goes on between two famous female bloggers, yet at the same time, I am not surprised that many envy the kind of publicity and attention that they get.

As an attempt to understand the around us, here my own psychoanalysis on the world of Singapore's world of blogging :

1. The social commentator : these are the smart and funny ones who comment about what goes on in our society with their tongue in cheek comments. Just want to have a place to voice their opinions, you either love or detest them for their guts.

2. The bomber blogger : this blogger is extremely good in digging out dirt about the popular ones yet do not have the courage to give their identity. Smart move, who wants to be sued by d blogger anyway. But again, I wonder what is the purpose for knocking them off their beautiful pedestals, could they be secretly envious of their traffic?

3. The social circuit blogger : many popular bloggers fall under this category. It is always about what party they have attended, what they have just bought, how exciting are their glamorous young lives. Pretty young girls with enviable lifestyles among the teenagers and young adults, but you really wonder what really go beyond close doors.

Maybe one day when they realise that youth is no more on their side, they might start thinking about the more important things in life. Most never get to reach that stage, "There is always plastic surgery, and whoever told you that I am 35?" Hopefully advertising from their blogs can supplement a long term plastic surgery lifestyle.

4. The hobbyist : Discuss activities that have utmost passion for. They are usually relatively private people who do not wish to share any aspects of the lives besides their interests. Keep the content coming, there are niche audiences that wouldn't mind finding out more what sort of baits they can use for fly fishing.

5. The kiddy journal : Written by parents, usually mothers about the adventures of their child in their child's perspective. Nothing wrong with that, just very committed parents who loves their kids to bits and want their blog to be an online journal and share them with friends. It will help to get more traffic if the kid is cute and the writer is humorous.

6. The reporters and the storyteller : The reporter is similar to the social commentator, who blogs about a latest event and add their own insights and comments in it. The storyteller draws their inspiration from their personal experience and further add content from their own perspective and knowledge, and supplies further credible information on the subject. Fab if you can spin a story and have relatively good sentence structure. Print is passe, this is akin to having your own column on cyberspace.

Regardless of where category you might fall into, remember it is not nice to plagarise, always quote the original source (risking to sound like your lecturer in school). As for criticising another person, it should be kept to the minimum (yes, I will try my best). Blogs may be your private space yet it is open public eyes.

Whatever it is keep those blog entries coming, blogs are probably the next best thing to rival the television. Afterall, the hungry blog voyeurs need to be fed daily.


Relax said...

Hmmm I dont think I fall into any of those categories. blogs make our life so interesting, don't you think so? what's your favourite blogs by the way?

KoLe said...

Hi 'uno' buddy,

saw your comment at my blog.
big HELLO to you.
I'm a blog fan too :)
ya.. legitimate voyeurism!

ps: your kid is REAL CUTE!


Rachel said...

Hi Kole,

Thanks for dropping by. You got a real cutie as well...sigh..they grow so fast don't they? You wish you can press the pause button sometimes.


Mockingbird said...

Wouldn't it be nice if someday after many years of blogging, we get to publish our blog onto a book? :)