July 23, 2008

Spots and Hot Dog

Day 4 of the virus infection and Kyle broke out in a rash. Many tiny little spots appeared on his abdomen, chest, back, arms, legs and face. According to the GP, these rashes are a result of a viral infection and actually are a good sign that Kyle's antibodies are defeating the virus. The rashes will exacerbate before finally clearing up by this Friday or Sat.

Looking rather spotty and feeling rather moody

Apart from the rash, he is still rather active and alert. He cheered up soon after he had some time in front of the computer watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse clips from http://www.disneychannel-asia.com/DisneyChannel/playhouse/friends/mmch/e

Bopping to the Hot dog song

Mickey Mouse really seems to have timeless appeal for children. I recalled watching 'old school' Mickey mouse cartoons when I was little, but of course, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse today is so different from those old cartoons that I used to watch.

The programme even ensures relevance for today's context; it incorporates Playhouse Disney's curriculum of cognitive and creative learning opportunities, as well as technology concepts through this computer-robot like Mickey head-shaped thing known as Toodles. Toodles provides about 3 to 4 collection of objects where Mickey and Friends can choose from. These objects can be utilise to solve the day's problems. By calling, "Oh Toodles!" Mickey summons it to pop up from where it is hiding and fly up to the screen so that the home viewer can pick which tool Mickey needs for the current situation.

Even Kyle knows how to say 'Toooooles...' when Toodles appears on the screen. Such is the power of media over young children, parents really need to review what their children watch on TV. Not every programme is suitable, even some of the programmes which are on channels like Kids Central and Playhouse Disney; for e.g., Hannah Montana, High School Musical etc, which address adult themes like boy-girl relationships.

I always make a point to sit with Kyle when he is watching these programmes and will label and explain things to him. Well selected programmes can be used to help your child acquire language skills.

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