July 6, 2008


Hui Lin's little girl Natalie finally arrived on the 3rd Jul at 630pm! Went to Gleneagles to visit mum and baby and seeing little Natalie sure bring back fond memories on the first day I set my eyes on my little boy Kyle.

Here's a picture of precious little Natalie, I am certain that she will bring lots of joy to her mum...

Motherhood will surely change your perpective on life, it definitely has for me. The first year is not the easiest managing the constant feeds and crying baby. But once you see their first toothless grin or giggle, any amount of sleeplessless for you is worth its sacrifice.

It was not too long ago that little Kyle was placed in my arms in the hospital. This little baby has become an endearing toddler with a sensitive little soul, full of hugs to give to people around him. Also with oodles of energy, he is always enthusiastic for a ball toss or kick, wielding his mini tennis racket or golf club hitting the ball around the house.

Every moment that you can spend with your little one matters. The first 6 years will just fly by before you even realise it. However these 6 years will be the most important for your little one. It is these few years that you can help him realise his potential, teach him how to be a moral and responsible person, learn how much God as well as his parents love him and help him acquire a love for learning.

One thing for sure, Kyle will need to learn that our life is nothing without God in our lives. It is not what we do, but what Christ did for us on the cross. Only then we can be confident that He has great plans for our lives and be confident of a good future ahead. We need not worry about tomorrow, as God has went ahead to make sure everything will be well in our future!

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