July 19, 2008

Kyle is 16 months!

Kyle just turned 16 months on the 17th of July. This little boy is growing and progressing very well as an active and inquisitive toddler. He is at this stage where he is starting to ask for more autonomy, however still very uncertain about his new found independence. I always try to encourage his independence by letting him feed himself when he is having a meal with Keith and I, as well as allow him opportunties to make choices. I try to minimise baby-ing him unless he starts to 'manja' and wants some affection and comfort.

His passive vocabulary (the words that he understand but cannot speak) is rather wide as he seems to understand most things that I say, and can answer with a nod or a shake of his head for a 'yes' or 'no'. Also, he does most of the things that I tell him to. He can get rather lazy at times to speak and still grunts and whines, but I always try to prompt him to speak by asking, 'Tell mummy what you want...' 'What is that?'...or 'Say this, ____'.

Being a not so traditional mum that does not quite believe in certain gender specific toys, I recently got him a cooking set from ELC. Keith says that this will make him a sensitive guy, as he used to have a cooking set as well :P

Probably this is the most so-call feminine toy that Kyle gets to play with, afterall, guys should learn to cook for themselves and not just concentrate on the eating bit. I am also looking for a cleaning set as I believe the males in the family also need to lend a helping hand with the chores around the house.

Not too sure when will he start to show some interest in vehicles, trains or planes. But I suppose this cooking set, the water table and some children's books that I recently got from Amazon.com should keep him busy for a while.

Kyle unfortunately came down with his 2nd fever this afternoon. His antibodies are most likely fighting a flu bug that he caught from yiyi :( Anyhow, he just took another dose of baby paracetamol and is fast asleep, I am sure he will be back to his chirpy self in the morning.

Kyle is a very healthy boy except for a rare case of flu once a long while. I must say this is all due to the communion that we take every Sunday. Thank God that we are able to take the communion to remind us of what our Saviour did for us at calvary. All our sickness and diseases are put to death on the cross with Jesus...our bodies are made whole because of Christ! No more fever or flu in Jesus' name, Amen!


4MalMal said...

Hi rachel,
I chanced upon your blog and I love it. I enjoy reading what you wrote and it is great to hear from an expert :) My son loves playing cooking. He did that till he was like 3 years old. He is now 4.5 and planes and rockets are his favourites now.

Rachel said...

Thanks Rachel for dropping by. Nice name you have :P

I can't really call myself an expert *blush*, I only know a little bit more about child development vs the average parent.

I went to your blog...it must be great to be in a country with such beautiful natural surroundings. So many opportunities to teach Malcolm to appreciate what nature brings. The closest we get in Spore is Botanic Gardens...sigh...