July 17, 2008

Busy, bewildered and bothered

Been so busy these past 1 week that I could not find the time to update this blog. So how's my life so far? I am far busier than when I worked full time; juggling my time between spending time with Kyle, doing my assignments, reading all relevant resources needed for my assignment, grocery shopping, attending classes in the evenings thrice a week, delegating work to domestic help and squeezing some time somehow to spend time with the hubby. What's more, I haven't even started working for church yet! Prior to this, I once had the idealistic thought that I could spend some 'tai tai' time going for manicures/pedicures, grooming and spa treatments. It is sure not that easy finding that spare time to do those idealistic activities.

It really takes quite a bit of discipline to ensure that I am able to get most of the above things done in a week. Obviously I will have more time to do those idealistic activities if I make the choice to dump Kyle at my mom's place, and get Belle to take care of him most of the time. However I feel this will be rather irresponsible and I do not want to end up having a child depending on domestic help for comfort and security (which I still find Kyle exhibiting at times).

Keith thinks that by moving Kyle to our room to sleep with us will solve this problem, however I am certain that Kyle will eventually grow out of this. Anyhow, early childhood education sure comes in useful at this moment, as experts have written that the child will start to detach from their primary caregiver (in this case it is Belle) from 2 onwards, once they start to exhibit traits of autonomy and independence.

So what has Kyle been up to this past one week? He got his second haircut from Junior League at United Square. It was another distressing and stressful experience for him and all present, the little boy was crying from the start till the end of the haircut experience. Nonetheless, I plan to bring him for his haircut once in 6 weeks or so till he gets accustomed to it.

Toddler was obviously not very thrilled after the haircut. However, this is the end of 'bowl haircuts' and the beginning of proper 'little boy' haircuts

The excursion ended with me spurgling about 100+ on a barbeque/stove/oven food play set from ELC for Kyle, as a result of feeling rather guilt-stricken for putting him through this stressful experience.

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