June 1, 2008

Sugar High

I am amazed by Kyle's ability to stay awake today for 12 hours, with only a 15 min nap in between. Somehow, he refused to take his morning and afternoon nap and only managed a short nap in the car, while we were driving to church this afternoon.

Seems that Belle, my helper is the only one that can get him to take his naps in the day and at night. Hmm....this could pose a slight problem when she is taking her home leave from the 14-21 June. I really hope this period will be a good opportunity for Kyle to finally learn how to soothe himself to sleep. Looks like I could also end up being extremely frazzled and lose a bit of weight after that week!

He was this super duper energetic tod today, enthusiastically asked to be fed during lunch; ate anything that we gave him. Either the chefs at 'Bosses' @ Vivo are extremely fantastic cooks or what I professed in the blog's post yesterday actually came true...

He requested for a cucumber stick, post dessert. This was after eating a bowl of 'shredded chicken with rice in winter melon soup', some watermelon juice and half a banana...all of that despite having a bottle of milk about 2 and a half hours ago.

An extremely full and satisfied toddler, this is probably one of those days that Kyle may be experiencing a growth spurt. Wouldn't mind seeing him eat so well more often. Grow baby grow!

Delighted parents of the toddler that ate so well

Sharing a 'tiger yawn' with the bear

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