June 28, 2008

Quality of Life

I am into the 2nd week of being a part time SAHM mom, student, 'tai-tai' and soon to be pre-school teacher and I am really enjoying it. Not many at my age will be able to experience this quality of life that most hope for.
I feel that I am in a pretty good place now with my life. To be able to get a break from working full-time, watch my child develop daily, spend time with hubby and then given a chance at a new career. All of that without having to lift a finger to do any housework or to have to slog over the stove. So here I am, a self proclaimed 'tai-tai', without the frivolous spending.

It's amazing how quickly a day goes by when there seems to be so much to do. It is a refreshing change from the 9-6pm responsibilities I used to have at work, when you are just part of this corporation which only objective is to earn a profit. Life fufills a more meaningful purpose and I really thank God for this chance that He has given and I must say indeed that I am blessed :)

Went to Vivocity yesterday with Keith and Kyle, and it felt great to be able to spend time with family on a weekday, leisuring watching the rest of the world pass us by.

Kyle, the toddler with a purpose

Feeding himself and enjoying his food

Sharing his favorite fruit; a banana with Dad

'A big bite for me...'

"...and just a teeny bit for dad!"

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