June 17, 2008

An update from this week's SAHM

I am officially a SAHM this week...my 'new job' started last Saturday (explains why there wasn't any updates during the weekend). I must say that it is really not easy looking after an active little one.

Not only do I have accomodate my concerns for Kyle not eating enough solids in the day and he is also possibly experiencing a growth spurt; as he still wakes up at 3 a.m. at 15 months and demands to be fed 250 ml of milk, and then wakes up another 4 hours later for his morning feed and finishes another 250ml of milk. But also having to lull him to sleep (carrying him most of the time) with a lullaby.

Most mothers will advise me to wean him off his wee hour's feed and use the cry-it-out method for bedtime, but I have realised that it is not so easy with my little one. He is one strong willed toddler, preferring to trash his body around in the bed, or crying to a point of almost throwing up if he does not get the comfort of a feed or a lullaby. So I have tried and have not been successful in 'training' him, so I would rather let nature take its course and I believe he will eventually grow out of it. Besides even if I successfully 'train' him to self-soothe this week, I suppose Belle will probably revert back to her usual method (which is in her terms the quickest way) of putting him to bed. Probably she will give up using her method eventually when he gets too heavy to be carried to sleep...

When Kyle's awake, he is one endearing toddler (most of the time anyway), I heard his first 3 syllabus word yesterday, 'Umbrella' and he started calling Keith, 'Dad', sounded like a bigger boy's version of his 'Da Da', actually I think he probably decided to go with the first syllabus of the word 'Dad-dy'. This morning he pronounced the word 'Bread' very clearly when we were having toasted bread with olive spread for breakfast.

Anyhow I am not like many other moms who will make a point to record every single word that their toddler can say. His passive vocabulary is much wider (the words that he understand but do not speak) and to hear new words from Kyle every other day is rewarding enough.

I attempted to give Kyle a haircut yesterday and Keith says that it looks like a 'bowl' haircut, check out his fringe in this pic.

I figured that I am better off cutting his hair myself then bringing him to the hair-dresser. Both the hairdresser and toddler get very stressed and distressed during the experience.

Obviously I am not a very good hairstylist...Nana had to do some 'damage control' when Kyle and I went to her place yesterday.

Seems like Kyle much more well-behaved when I am taking care of him, guess the little boy knows his limits when mom is in charge. I also make an effort to keep his routines relaxing and enjoyable, probably that is the difference when Belle is taking care of him. Most domestic help are very task oriented, anyhow, they should be when it comes to household chores. However most of them adopt the same attitude when taking care of a child and have a tendency to rush through the routine, and pass on their anxiety to the child.

I realise that it really makes a huge difference in his behaviour and temperament when I talk to him nicely when I want him to do something, provide him with choices and encourage him to be independent.

Anyhow, managed to catch this pic this afternoon as Kyle was taking his nap; arms and legs spread eagle...

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