May 18, 2008

Strawberries, spice and somethings not so nice

It's official, Kyle is stuck with me from the 14-21st June, whether he likes it or not. Belle, my domestic help will be going back to the Philippines to settle some of her personal issues and it still remains to be seen whether she return to Singapore. We trust that she will come back, however, at the same time, will be prepared to get a new maid if she doesn't.

So looks like I will get a taste of being a full-time SAHM for that week. Rather looking forward to it, also, feeling a little bit of apprehension when I wonder how patient will I be when faced with a tantrum throwing, screaming toddler.

Just experienced another bout of Kyle's tantrums yesterday, the second one in 2 weeks. We were invited to Keith's business associate's house for a bbq, from the start, Kyle was a little unsure of the environment and did not seem too comfortable. However the meltdown started when Keith walked away to join his friends at the rooftop garden. For a good 20 mins, he just started screaming and crying and refused to stop. We had to leave Keith's friend's house while Kyle was still yelling away...

Read that tantrums are rather common for toddlers between 1-2 years old, due to the fact that most of them are not able to articulate their needs and wants. When the caregivers do not know what he/she wants, the child gets frustrated as a result.

I am looking forward when Kyle turns 18 months, according to the book 'What's going on in there - How the brain and mind develops in the first 5 years of life' by Dr Lise Eliot., the next cognitive development of the child will occur will he turns 18-20 months. This is when the motor and sensory maturation are largely complete, the child will start to focus on higher mental skills. Language will not only be the only intelluctual leap that toddlers will make, there will also be an emergence of self-control.

I suppose that is when it will be much easier managing Kyle from there, read my entry on how to turn the 'terrible' in the term 'terrible twos, threes and fours' into 'terrific' in my Kids and Parenting blog

Kyle turned 14 months yesterday, I am beginning to hear an attempt at language when he speaks at times. But it still sounds more like funny little sounds and exclamations :)

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