May 1, 2008

The new age sensitive guy isn't that great after all

Society have feminized men from the start of my generation. It's great to be Mr. Nice guy, embrace your feelings, be 'sensitive' and understanding to people around to you etc. There seems to be nothing wrong with being a SNAG but some of these SNAGs are more moved by emotions than by their principles. I may be stereotyping some men here but I think we need to strike a balance.

There are just too much extremities in our society these days. SNAGs are a result of a mother's upbringing and father's non involvement and most of the time they are usually more feminized. Exhibiting typical traits like, passivity and indecisiveness.

One of the usual behaviour of a feminized man is that he will choose to marry a strong woman (like his mother), who will make decisions and take care of him. Most of the time, the wife will probably think it is great, at first. She is marrying a SNAG afterall...but after a while she will get frustrated having to make all the decisions. The more she pushes him, the more he passive he becomes, she eventually loses all respect for him. If this sounds familar to you...don't even think that you can change him. Just blame your mother-in-law :P

Mothers have to learn to cut the apron strings with their sons and quit smothering them. For those mothers with sons, do your future daughter in law a favour and teach your son to pick up and clean after himself...Life is not a bed of roses, not always fair and boys need to be guided to the right path to stand up to adversity and not to quit easily. Fathers also need to step up to their role. The male gender are generally visual characters, thus they need a role model that they can look up to and learn how to be a man.

For more tips on how to raise sons, you can refer to my post in - 'How to raise a son to be a man of character.'

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