May 3, 2008

More adventures in Gymboree

Kyle gets rather obsessed with rubber balls in all sizes. He throws it, plays 'hockey' style with his ELC golf clubs or tennis racket, rolls it on the ground, etc. He often seems more interested in playing with the ball during Gymboree class than trying out the various activity set ups.

This time round, he seemed all gamed to try out the big canvas slide...

The segment of bubble time never fails to get his attention, see his look of anticipation when the teacher announced it was 'bubble time'. If only he could show that level of enthusiasm during meal times...

Each session of Gymboree always seem rather short as Kyle always gives an expectant look at the end of the session, as if he still hasn't played enough and is expecting more. Can't wait for the end of my stint as FTWM, as Kyle will then get more opportunities to attend play gyms and other toddler classes on the weekdays.

Love the vibrancy of colours reflected in the pictures taken. I think that creating a colourful environment for the children can help to stimulate their visual senses and brighten up their experience in class.

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