May 18, 2008

Meltdown 3.0

Just ended battle with another major meltdown for the past half an hour. Kyle got into another tantrum and was crying and screaming for half an hour, stopped and turned to look at the TV screen for like a mere 5 seconds when Keith switched on the TV, and then returned to his crying.

I have got a strong-willed child and he seems to be really stubborn and extremely determined to get what he wants. Something that I have learnt today; there is not much allowance for flexibility when it comes to ensuring that Kyle gets his naps in the day. Realised that this tantrum is also a result of exhaustion as he only managed to nap for less than an hour this morning and another 20 mins this afternoon. And then followed by a dip in the baby pool for 45 mins this evening with Alex.
Picture of a contented toddler; in the car this afternoon with his new steering wheel toy.
More Pictures of a happier toddler when Alex came by to Nana's house this evening for a swim...
That's Alex, one of the most responsive 17 month old I have seen. Although she has limited language skills, she is a great communicator, very good at letting her mom Linda knows what she wants and also a strong-willed little girl. Did I mention that she is a joy to feed?

It is really funny to watch them interact with one another as they have not quite started playing together, it's more like playing alongside one another. However they seem rather comfortable with each others' company, I have caught a few occasions when they communicated with each other with their eee's and ah's.

Attempting little jumping jacks with grand-dad's help

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