May 26, 2008


Feels good to be back home. Was away from last tuesday 20th May and spent a short weekend in HK.

HK is not so great a city; with its bad air, not so polite people (S'poreans are not that polite or gracious either) and expensive food. A restaurant equivalent to the kind that we often frequent on the weekends in Suntec City can cost up to $90 - $100 sgd per person. Anyhow still managed to get some pretty good buys, spent like $800 on 12 branded blouses. I guess it is still better than Singapore when it comes to getting some great deals on clothing. Will only see myself going back to HK in the 1st quarter of 09, Keith and I plan to bring Kyle to HK Disneyland to experience the Cantonese-singing Disney characters.

Within that short few days away from Kyle, the little fella grew another 1cm (yes, parents can get rather obsessive when it comes to the growth of their kid). Despite his fussiness when it comes to food, I am so glad that he is not that skinny or small for his age. Besides I believe that he will eventually get out of this picky stage. According to child development books, infant and toddler boys are usually the more difficult gender to take care of and most of their developmental milestones usually lag behind the female gender. It does explains why it seems that that most of people that I know with infant or toddler girls always seem much easier to take care of.

However I really have nothing to whinge about when it comes to Kyle. Apart from being a not so easy toddler when it comes to feeding and sleeping, he can be a really responsive toddler, seems to understand most things when we talk to him, sociable most of the time (he is entitled to his anti-social moments as well) and can be a really funny little person.

Here's some pictures of Kyle taken this morning, showing his comic side in front of the camera...he always seem to be extremely tickled by the flash

This is probably the only 'normal-looking' pic that I managed to catch of Kyle with the flash

Spending some 'Father and son bonding time' in front of the computer
Broke into a wide grin when he saw the camera flash

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