May 31, 2008

Behold the fussy eater no more

If there is any blog title to use for this post, I hope the above will something that I will be using soon for Kyle.

I have tried all sorts, from porridge boiled with chicken stock to steamed vegetables, all without sauce, condiments or seasoning and I realised that Kyle is a little gourmet. The key thing to note is that if it does not taste good to you or anyone else, don't even bother offering it to him.

I have resorted to giving him adult food, I am still rather finicky about the seasoning that is in adult food so I will usually get Belle to boil some soup for him (cos soup is about the only thing that he does not mind eating) on the weekends and ensure that he gets to have the chicken or pork soup with his rice during lunch in the weekdays.

I have also made a deliberate effort to cut out one more milk feed in the evening, and I think that seems to help in his intake of solid food in the day. He still doesn't take a proper breakfast, he usually just eats whatever Nana is having on the weekdays when he is at Nana's place and usually will share my toast bread with olive spread on weekend mornings.

I believe that this problem is rather common with toddlers, however I will have to say that it is not very encouraging when it seems that I am the only mother (among my friends or people that I know) that has a toddler that can be rather fussy when it comes to food.

As for the latest milestone he has achieved the past one week? He can point to various parts of his body when asked; 'Where is your hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, shoulders, knees, toes?' and his favorite part; the belly button. He also goes around lifting anybody's shirt to point to their belly button as well.

Kyle has also started nodding his head to answer 'Yes' to our questions, and shake his head, or rather his shoulder as well, when it is a 'No'. He also will put his hand up when ask to say 'Hi' and waves for 'bye' and can be quite generous with his 'flying kisses'.

This is his Dad's favorite action; the tiger yawn. He always does this when prompted by Keith...

Now here's another one...

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