May 31, 2008

Behold the fussy eater no more

If there is any blog title to use for this post, I hope the above will something that I will be using soon for Kyle.

I have tried all sorts, from porridge boiled with chicken stock to steamed vegetables, all without sauce, condiments or seasoning and I realised that Kyle is a little gourmet. The key thing to note is that if it does not taste good to you or anyone else, don't even bother offering it to him.

I have resorted to giving him adult food, I am still rather finicky about the seasoning that is in adult food so I will usually get Belle to boil some soup for him (cos soup is about the only thing that he does not mind eating) on the weekends and ensure that he gets to have the chicken or pork soup with his rice during lunch in the weekdays.

I have also made a deliberate effort to cut out one more milk feed in the evening, and I think that seems to help in his intake of solid food in the day. He still doesn't take a proper breakfast, he usually just eats whatever Nana is having on the weekdays when he is at Nana's place and usually will share my toast bread with olive spread on weekend mornings.

I believe that this problem is rather common with toddlers, however I will have to say that it is not very encouraging when it seems that I am the only mother (among my friends or people that I know) that has a toddler that can be rather fussy when it comes to food.

As for the latest milestone he has achieved the past one week? He can point to various parts of his body when asked; 'Where is your hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, shoulders, knees, toes?' and his favorite part; the belly button. He also goes around lifting anybody's shirt to point to their belly button as well.

Kyle has also started nodding his head to answer 'Yes' to our questions, and shake his head, or rather his shoulder as well, when it is a 'No'. He also will put his hand up when ask to say 'Hi' and waves for 'bye' and can be quite generous with his 'flying kisses'.

This is his Dad's favorite action; the tiger yawn. He always does this when prompted by Keith...

Now here's another one...

May 26, 2008


Feels good to be back home. Was away from last tuesday 20th May and spent a short weekend in HK.

HK is not so great a city; with its bad air, not so polite people (S'poreans are not that polite or gracious either) and expensive food. A restaurant equivalent to the kind that we often frequent on the weekends in Suntec City can cost up to $90 - $100 sgd per person. Anyhow still managed to get some pretty good buys, spent like $800 on 12 branded blouses. I guess it is still better than Singapore when it comes to getting some great deals on clothing. Will only see myself going back to HK in the 1st quarter of 09, Keith and I plan to bring Kyle to HK Disneyland to experience the Cantonese-singing Disney characters.

Within that short few days away from Kyle, the little fella grew another 1cm (yes, parents can get rather obsessive when it comes to the growth of their kid). Despite his fussiness when it comes to food, I am so glad that he is not that skinny or small for his age. Besides I believe that he will eventually get out of this picky stage. According to child development books, infant and toddler boys are usually the more difficult gender to take care of and most of their developmental milestones usually lag behind the female gender. It does explains why it seems that that most of people that I know with infant or toddler girls always seem much easier to take care of.

However I really have nothing to whinge about when it comes to Kyle. Apart from being a not so easy toddler when it comes to feeding and sleeping, he can be a really responsive toddler, seems to understand most things when we talk to him, sociable most of the time (he is entitled to his anti-social moments as well) and can be a really funny little person.

Here's some pictures of Kyle taken this morning, showing his comic side in front of the camera...he always seem to be extremely tickled by the flash

This is probably the only 'normal-looking' pic that I managed to catch of Kyle with the flash

Spending some 'Father and son bonding time' in front of the computer
Broke into a wide grin when he saw the camera flash

May 19, 2008

Goodbye to all work trips

Will be leaving for HK tomorrow morning and although this is my last work trip for this job, I am not feeling any form of loss or regret for not being able to travel from next week onwards.

In fact I am feeling rather glad that I need not suffer anymore from any more air sickness, exhaustion and lethargy from air travel, gross airplane food and the classic headache of 'not knowing what to bring to wear' syndrome. From the end of next week onwards, travel will only be for leisure :)

There is really no loss at all, especially I am not entitled to travel on business class even when I have to travel for more than 6 hours. Who wants to travel such long distances for work when you do not even get the basic comforts of a proper seat in a flight.

Anyhow, I really do not want to miss watching Kyle's little antics and timeless moments like these...

He will only get to be a toddler once in my life, I will never want to trade these precious moments for anything else in the world.

May 18, 2008

Meltdown 3.0

Just ended battle with another major meltdown for the past half an hour. Kyle got into another tantrum and was crying and screaming for half an hour, stopped and turned to look at the TV screen for like a mere 5 seconds when Keith switched on the TV, and then returned to his crying.

I have got a strong-willed child and he seems to be really stubborn and extremely determined to get what he wants. Something that I have learnt today; there is not much allowance for flexibility when it comes to ensuring that Kyle gets his naps in the day. Realised that this tantrum is also a result of exhaustion as he only managed to nap for less than an hour this morning and another 20 mins this afternoon. And then followed by a dip in the baby pool for 45 mins this evening with Alex.
Picture of a contented toddler; in the car this afternoon with his new steering wheel toy.
More Pictures of a happier toddler when Alex came by to Nana's house this evening for a swim...
That's Alex, one of the most responsive 17 month old I have seen. Although she has limited language skills, she is a great communicator, very good at letting her mom Linda knows what she wants and also a strong-willed little girl. Did I mention that she is a joy to feed?

It is really funny to watch them interact with one another as they have not quite started playing together, it's more like playing alongside one another. However they seem rather comfortable with each others' company, I have caught a few occasions when they communicated with each other with their eee's and ah's.

Attempting little jumping jacks with grand-dad's help

Strawberries, spice and somethings not so nice

It's official, Kyle is stuck with me from the 14-21st June, whether he likes it or not. Belle, my domestic help will be going back to the Philippines to settle some of her personal issues and it still remains to be seen whether she return to Singapore. We trust that she will come back, however, at the same time, will be prepared to get a new maid if she doesn't.

So looks like I will get a taste of being a full-time SAHM for that week. Rather looking forward to it, also, feeling a little bit of apprehension when I wonder how patient will I be when faced with a tantrum throwing, screaming toddler.

Just experienced another bout of Kyle's tantrums yesterday, the second one in 2 weeks. We were invited to Keith's business associate's house for a bbq, from the start, Kyle was a little unsure of the environment and did not seem too comfortable. However the meltdown started when Keith walked away to join his friends at the rooftop garden. For a good 20 mins, he just started screaming and crying and refused to stop. We had to leave Keith's friend's house while Kyle was still yelling away...

Read that tantrums are rather common for toddlers between 1-2 years old, due to the fact that most of them are not able to articulate their needs and wants. When the caregivers do not know what he/she wants, the child gets frustrated as a result.

I am looking forward when Kyle turns 18 months, according to the book 'What's going on in there - How the brain and mind develops in the first 5 years of life' by Dr Lise Eliot., the next cognitive development of the child will occur will he turns 18-20 months. This is when the motor and sensory maturation are largely complete, the child will start to focus on higher mental skills. Language will not only be the only intelluctual leap that toddlers will make, there will also be an emergence of self-control.

I suppose that is when it will be much easier managing Kyle from there, read my entry on how to turn the 'terrible' in the term 'terrible twos, threes and fours' into 'terrific' in my Kids and Parenting blog

Kyle turned 14 months yesterday, I am beginning to hear an attempt at language when he speaks at times. But it still sounds more like funny little sounds and exclamations :)

May 3, 2008

More adventures in Gymboree

Kyle gets rather obsessed with rubber balls in all sizes. He throws it, plays 'hockey' style with his ELC golf clubs or tennis racket, rolls it on the ground, etc. He often seems more interested in playing with the ball during Gymboree class than trying out the various activity set ups.

This time round, he seemed all gamed to try out the big canvas slide...

The segment of bubble time never fails to get his attention, see his look of anticipation when the teacher announced it was 'bubble time'. If only he could show that level of enthusiasm during meal times...

Each session of Gymboree always seem rather short as Kyle always gives an expectant look at the end of the session, as if he still hasn't played enough and is expecting more. Can't wait for the end of my stint as FTWM, as Kyle will then get more opportunities to attend play gyms and other toddler classes on the weekdays.

Love the vibrancy of colours reflected in the pictures taken. I think that creating a colourful environment for the children can help to stimulate their visual senses and brighten up their experience in class.

May 1, 2008

The new age sensitive guy isn't that great after all

Society have feminized men from the start of my generation. It's great to be Mr. Nice guy, embrace your feelings, be 'sensitive' and understanding to people around to you etc. There seems to be nothing wrong with being a SNAG but some of these SNAGs are more moved by emotions than by their principles. I may be stereotyping some men here but I think we need to strike a balance.

There are just too much extremities in our society these days. SNAGs are a result of a mother's upbringing and father's non involvement and most of the time they are usually more feminized. Exhibiting typical traits like, passivity and indecisiveness.

One of the usual behaviour of a feminized man is that he will choose to marry a strong woman (like his mother), who will make decisions and take care of him. Most of the time, the wife will probably think it is great, at first. She is marrying a SNAG afterall...but after a while she will get frustrated having to make all the decisions. The more she pushes him, the more he passive he becomes, she eventually loses all respect for him. If this sounds familar to you...don't even think that you can change him. Just blame your mother-in-law :P

Mothers have to learn to cut the apron strings with their sons and quit smothering them. For those mothers with sons, do your future daughter in law a favour and teach your son to pick up and clean after himself...Life is not a bed of roses, not always fair and boys need to be guided to the right path to stand up to adversity and not to quit easily. Fathers also need to step up to their role. The male gender are generally visual characters, thus they need a role model that they can look up to and learn how to be a man.

For more tips on how to raise sons, you can refer to my post in - 'How to raise a son to be a man of character.'