April 4, 2008

Something you can do without

Took urgent leave today to take care of Kyle, as Belle is also down with the flu. This strain of the flu virus seems pretty strong as Keith started complaining last night about experiencing some body aches as well. Looks like I will be the only one left standing as I will not fall victim to this.

Kyle started getting better this morning, no more high fever or stomachaches, thank God! Except that he started throwing up his milk a few times this afternoon right after his milk feed, an attempt to get the phlegm out of his throat, poor little guy :( Plan to try some home remedies this evening to see if it helps clear the phlegm.

This is the first time that Kyle has fallen ill, I know it just part and parcel of growing up, but this is just one of those things that all parents really can do without when bringing up a child.

Despite having a slight fever (see the gel patch on his forehead which he was oblivious to), I wanted to keep Kyle happy and occupied and so placed him in front of the computer to interact with a toddler's learning development game. That got his attention for about 15 mins...

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