April 20, 2008

So what is Kyle up to at Nana's?

Sitting on Yiyi's lap, in front of her mac and doing what he is usually fond of, fiddling with the computer's keyboard and analysing what's on the computer screen. Spend like 2 mins 'typing' to daddy as Keith is on msn, away in London. I think he is a tech geek (like Yiyi) in the making.

Helping himself to a sip of Nana's drink on the coffee table

Busily walking about, checks out every room in the house, chases Shawnie in circles, ensures that Shawnie gets a big pat of his furry body whenever he walks pass Kyle

Just being my favorite little person. When he gets those bear hugs from me, I just don't want to ever let go and wish that moment lasts forever...

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