April 16, 2008

Can I teach?

Received the books from Amazon this week and I started on this book Mommy, Teach Me! by author Barbara Curtis, a certified Montessori teacher, Christian and mother of twelve.

The fundamentals of this book is built on the belief that the preschool years are the most valuable for building character and a love of learning. And all mothers are made by God to be able to teach their own children.

Some key strategies that I have learnt from this book that will help release a mother's teaching ability :

1. Observation
Make purposeful observation when your child is not aware
- What are his favorite activities?
His favorite activities are hitting the ball with his kiddie racket or golf club

- How can they be adapted to create more learning opportunities?
Hmm...have to think about this

- What frustrates him, distracts him and makes him worried?
The TV distracts him, so does grand-dad being around him. Frustrate or worried - no apparent action or thing at this point.

- What produces a look of accomplishment?
When he hears praises like 'well done', or when we clap when he does something well

From observing, you will discover your child's potential and his unique gifts.

2. Understanding
Make the effort to see the world from your child's eyes

3. Flexibility
Keep an open mind and always be ready for change

4. Confidence
Whatever you do, don't give up. Just keep moving as there will be small successes everyday, just do it to the best of our ability

Use these strategies with the five potentials of how to release your child's learning ability :
1. The child's need for Independence
2. The child's need for Order
3. Teach the child self control
4. Encourage concentration
5. The child's potential for service (desire to help)

I am going to make an effort to start on this strategies from tomorrow and make myself a better teacher to Kyle. The only challenge that I face now is the amount of time that I am able to spend with him :(

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