March 30, 2008


"Ta, ta, ta, ta," that's Kyle favorite word. Hardly any more "ma ma-s" or "da da-s", "ta ta ta" seems to be the only sound that comes out of his mouth lately. I haven't quite figure out what that means.
He is also extremely fond of doing his 'red indian greeting'; tapping a palm to his mouth and going 'waw-waw-waw-waw' at the same time. That's his version of butterfly kisses, or how my mom usually puts it 'flying kisses'. He usually intersperse that with 'gong xi, gong xi'; palms interlocked together with a rocking movement...a 'leftover' skill acquired from the Chinese New Year.
As for his latest 'trick'? It's being able to open his mouth wide, with his top lip covering his gum and teeth when he hears the cue, 'How tiger yawn?' He learnt that from imitating how a tiger yawned at his recent trip to the zoo with Granddad and Nana on Friday.

Pre-haircut pic featuring a not so refined toddler

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