March 20, 2008

Mummy thinks that is time for a change

I can probably qualify as one of those 'kiasu' parents out there who all seem to be in a great hurry to ensure that their child gets the best headstart in life.

Kyle started out in Gymboree at about 8 months old and so far the programme has been fairly beneficial for his motor-skills development. However, for the past few months, he seems to have gotten bored of the usual drill in his class and prefer to kick a ball around the room, or just to get hold of one of those plastic/rubber shaped thingys and obsessively chew it. The only segment in class that seem to hold his interest will be 'busy box' and 'bubble time'. As for those setups, forget amount of coaxing will get him to walk or climb across, as he will prefer to sit there and grab on to a plastic ball or rubber shaped thingy and stuff it in his mouth. As a result, he seemed to be the only baby in class that has perpetual drool dribbling off his chin most of the time.

That lack of interest in class is most likely a hint that I should start exploring a new program for Kyle. Been surfing the net the past few nights for information on other enrichment programmes for Kyle, from toddler programs at Pat's schoolhouse, to Julia Gabriel and Growing Up Gifted.

While surfing the net for comments and reviews for these playschools, I came across numerous blogs written by mothers like myself with young toddlers. One common feature across these blogs was that these blogs were written in the first person narrative. The first person however was not the author of the blog but rather the mother pretending to be the child. What's even more interesting is when friends of the author (with toddlers) start leaving comments and messages the same way; e.g., Bb Kayden - Mummy says that we should meet up this weekend for lunch together. Then Bb Brayden answers - Mummy thinks that United Sq will be a good place, how about it?

I reckon that it sounds rather cute but a style of writing that that I rather not adopt.

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