March 22, 2008

Growing Up Gifted Experience

"Hi, I will like to enquire if there are trial classes available for 8-18 months babies for Saturday?" The lady with the heavily Malay-accented English on the other line, "Which one? Today for 8-18 months?" My reply, "Yes, I will like to check if there are any trial classes available?" Her answer to my question, "No more vacancy." I added, "Will there be a possibility of any vacancies in the next few weeks or months." Her reply, "I don't think so as all of them now are quite settled."

Settled? What does settled mean, does it mean that this school have gotten themselves long term customers who will plan to continue their child's enrichment program in the pre-school till the kids are 8? As a result, don't intent to consider new admissions or additions to their long waiting list?

That's how my first experience with Growing Up Gifted ended. Deanne Chong, the owner of Growing up Gifted have to start sending her front desk staff for customer service training, if not, her staff will successfully turn parents away from ever considering the school. Anyhow, looks like they don't need additional business from me or anyone else.

So much for the Growing up Gifted experience. Next on the list, Pat's Schoolhouse.

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