March 18, 2008

Career Options

Lately I have been thinking about a career change. Don't get anymore satisfaction from a marketing job, its boring and I am totally unchallenged. What are my options?
1) a career in early childhood development OR 2) Clothes importer

1) Career in early childhood development
What do I want to get out from this career change? I don't want to end up becoming some playschool or childcare teacher, but to start up a Christian-based intelluctual, emotional and artistic developmental program for children from 1-4 years old. Being a mother of a 1 year old has ignited my interest in early childhood development, especially in the development of Toddlers.

2) Clothes Importer
I think the availability of mid price, well cut, chic clothing in line with each season trend is seriously lacking in Singapore. Combing Far East Plaza for the last few months have only provided some limited options and I think that if I can find a good source of supply, there is some money to be made here. Besides this is very apt with my interest of shopping and being able wear pretty clothes all the time.

Well, I dare to dream and I want to envision big dreams. How about that bit about daring to do? Probably not so soon, its still not the right time, so it's back to reality :(

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