December 25, 2007

It's Christmas

It's Christmas morning and I managed to squeeze in this little bit of time to update my blog. As I am typing, Kyle has started stirring in his sleep...please just sleep for one hour...

The little guy is so active, the word 'stationary' is non-existent when it comes to him. Often in constant motion, his little hands always have their hold on something.

Kyle was so restless yesterday during Christmas' eve dinner. He seemed to know that it was an occasion of some sort and refused to take his nap. For the past one week, he often made his own way towards the Christmas 'tree' and never failed to put his hands on the big box that Cali got for him.

He had a whale of a time unwrapping his presents and was kept busy for almost half an hour fiddling with his new toys.

He is one kid that has to be constantly entertained. Makes me wonder if this is due to his inquisitive nature, or have we spoiled him as he is never ever left alone when he is awake. Besides he hardly takes long naps in the day, I really wonder where does he get all that energy from.

Should really plan how to divert that energy into something positive once he turns 18 months. Probably will look into putting him into 2 hours playschool on the weekday, then taking golf and tennis lessons once a week when he is 2 or 3 years old.

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