November 7, 2007

~ Es Shanghai

The diet program needs to start real soon. I have not lost all the weight that I put on during my pregnancy, and it seems to be a real challenge to shed these last few pounds (or rather kilos) even since I got back to work.

Exercise seems rather non-existent, and excuses not to exercise are plenty. There's a great pool in Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, however someone managed to find a reason not to bring her swim suit. As for the gym, forget it....who wants to lug track shoes and gym gear along to a business trip.

Does not help that there's always fab food everytime I travel, last night was sashimi...which does not seem so fattening, oh but did I mentioned the tempura, soba and teppanyaki? And tonight, apart from the great dessert / drink (yes, I would like to think that it was just a drink); Es Shanghai, i.e, a bandung and carnation milk on ice concoction, topped with coconut and jelly...there was great Indonesia food.

Back to the diet, I need to start a 'holistic' diet plan. Well...everyone's into this buzzword now; holistic spa treatment, holistic marketing plan, etc...may as well use it here as well.

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