November 5, 2007

~Jakarta City from my hotel room's window~

Arrived in Jakarta today and felt that I had to give myself a treat. Just stuffed myself with 2 large servings of Sashimi and experienced one of the best massages ever; 2 masseurs massaging me in tandem for 60 mins - all for SGD 74.00.

Realised that if I don't do things like that I will probably get really depressed soon for being away from Kyle so often. Like what mom said, "Most other girls will die for your job..." I may be 'jet setting' and chalking up the frequent flyer points, but I would prefer that the frequency can be reduced a little; I am ok with once a month...but thrice?!? It's been a little too extreme this one month; I have already travelled to Taipei twice and now Jakarta; almost had to go India as well if not for the visa issue.

Anyhow, i have mastered the skill of sleeping on just makes the dreaded flight a little easier.

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