November 1, 2007


Shawn has his own bed, complete with a mattress and pillow...and I hear him sigh pretty often of late. Who ever started the idiom, 'It's a dog's life' probably never had a dog or is remotely close to being a dog lover.

Well I think the best we can provide for him in his old age is to him lots of love and hugs and not deprive him of good food...and in turn, he will give us his unconditional love and attention.

Contentment can never be in such simple terms for us humans, we are always in search for that better 'thing'...may it be a home, a job or that partner (don't even think of it when you are married ok...). Especially when it comes to human relationships, we really need to constantly remind ourselves that we should not demand perfection in the other person when we are clearly not perfect ourselves.

So what defines contentment for me? Frankly I am not sure, what I say now may not be even valid 2 years from now. However with the onset of motherhood, I have obtained greater clarity of my priorities in life. One of which is to make sure that I have the emotional capacity and maturity to bring this little person up the best that I can.

As for the level of contentment, I think that still remains a variable.

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