November 26, 2007


29th November marks my 4th year of marriage. Some wedding superstition mentioned that if you marry in bleak November, only joys will last, remember. Sounds like some weak attempt to just keep the words in rhyme...

Some people's ultimate goal in life is to get married. These people just don't think about what comes along with the ring, beautiful wedding gown, cake and the 'yum sengs'. They think that all is perfect once they settle down with their other half and assume that they will lead a life happily ever after.

So what's happily ever after after being married? Hate to be a wet blanket for those who are all starry eyed about marriage. Marriage is not just about the joy of having the spend the rest of your life with the one that u love and who loves you in return, but it is also about mutual respect and trust. It can be rather painful to stumble through misunderstandings and arguments, however these experiences are worthwhile when you finally learn how to respect and trust one another as a result.

So what's in it for us in our 4th year of marriage? The 4th year of marriage symbolizes the blossoming partnership of a couple. We have recently weathered through one of the most difficult storms. I hope this signals a fresh start to new beginnings and our partnership will continue to blossom through the seasons.

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