March 30, 2010

The big move


After more than 2 and a half years of being on Blogger. I have finally taken the big step of moving this blog into my own domain and to an external hosting service.

Thanks to friends, many friends in my blogosphere network for reading my blog and regularly dropping your caring comments. Not forgetting my most loyal reader, dh.

Here's to more wonderful years of blogging. See you on the other side; Kindly don't forget to add my new URL to your bookmarks!

March 25, 2010

Crazy month

There seems to be a never ending list of things to be done
Morning, afternoon, wee hours in the night
Keeping my eyes wide open is a tough fight

Acronyms that I see everyday
No more greek to me now, I have to say

I am starting to see glimpses of the fruit of my labour
After days and nights of trial and error
It does seem like it still takes forever

With little time on my hands
I have decided that K starts school soon
Giving me more time in the afternoons will be a boon

I really shouldn't be whinging or complaining
Afterall, it is what I have chose
The only question I should pose



March 17, 2010

On turning three


It feels like just yesterday

That you were just a little bundle

In my arms you quietly lay

At that moment, motherhood was still a muddle

One was the number

That you stood up and started walking

Still waking up many times in your slumber

And blubbering was all you were talking

Two was a picture of giggle and tears

Full of mischief, difficult to please

Temper tantrums, screams and lots of fears

Oh I was wondering when will it cease

Three has lots of sunshine

Lots of warmth and humor to light up our day

Endearing ways that suit us just fine

Just that little more difficult when you want your way

Filling our days with your endless chatter

Asking questions till our patience run thin

Somedays it gets a little bit better

When you flash us your cheeky look and gummy grin

We just want to thank God above

Thank Him for filling our years with laughter

Our lives with lots of love

And endless loving banter

Regardless of whether you are stubborn little thing

Well-behaved or a naughty boy

You will always be my little darling

And daddy’s biggest pride and joy

Happy 3rd Birthday Kyle!

Kyle turns three!

Kbirthday5After an extremely challenging morning with a misbehaving K, dh and I found the perfect excuse to leave the house legitimately (with K’s permission) to get his birthday cake. K was aware that his misbehaviour had consequences and was feeling quite miserable, but he knew that he had to stay at home with our helper.

We quietly put up the decorations in the hall when we got back, while K took his afternoon nap.

When K got up, he grinned from ear to ear to see the house decorated for his birthday party and could not wait to celebrate his birthday in the evening.

Kbirthday1The highlight of the evening was the cake that we ‘pimped up’, Ben-10 style. I skipped the idea of getting a nicely decorated Ben-10 fondant cake and went with a strawberry shortcake from Canele instead. To make the cake look a little more authentic Ben-10 style, I relegated the strawberries and replaced them with green chocolate chips and Ben-10 figurines. It was a hit with the birthday boy, and the adults who attended his party sure were glad that they were not fed a heavy butter-cream cake enveloped with fancy fondant-covered decorations. Kbirthday3


March 16, 2010

Toileting battle

I have discovered that K is a very determined child. Once he has made up his mind that he wants to do something, he will be firmly resolved to his cause and no amount of persuasion, coaxing or even reprimanding can sway his decision.

Determination is a good thing I suppose. Especially when it comes to personal goals and meeting objectives. But when it comes down to something like; deciding not to use the toilet/potty when doing his big business and sticking to his diapers, I had to try to break his resolve.

For the past 5 days, I have tried to get him to pass motion in the ‘proper way’, but I failed miserably. He stood resolute against the ‘enemy’ (me) and refused to barge. He attempted to be cooperative and visit the toilet when told to on the 3rd day, he climbed onto the toilet bowl and potty for a total of 10 times in 2 hours and still nothing resulted from his attempt. One the 4th day, he sat on his potty for 1 and a half hours, coupled with big yawns, loud exclamations that he was very tired and that he was concentrating and the poop was on its way out, but still nothing.

On the 5th day, I was so worried about his constipation problems that I brought him to the doctor and got a suppository inserted. 10 minutes later when we got home, he had to clear his bowels but still refused to use the toilet/potty. By this time, he was sobbing loudly due to the pain and discomfort, but still refused to poop in the toilet.

After half an hour, I gave in. I could not take seeing him so tortured and decided that this was a battle I chose not to fight for now. I helped him into the diapers and immediately after, he pooped in it. The 2nd time, he could not hold it in and there was a small accident, so I had to help him onto the toilet. After his attempt sitting on the toilet, he cried and said it was smelly and wanted to be washed straightaway. I realised then, that my child has more than constipation issues, he could potentially have a fear of pooping in the toilet or even some form of Obsessive Complusive Disorder. However, I still cannot quite fathom why he is perfectly alright with peeing in the toilet thought.

I will have to let him continue using his diapers for now and revisit this problem down the road. Maybe by the time he turns 4 or 5, he will think that it is embarrassing to be in diapers and decide to do it the normal way like everyone else. I hope so, I do really hope so…